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Making the Grade: How Boards Can Ensure Academic Quality (2nd Edition)

By Peter Ewell

Hard Copy




Making the Grade: How Boards Can Ensure Academic Quality—popularly referred to as “The Little Yellow Book” by boards, faculty, provosts, and assessment specialists—provides clear guidance for the board’s role in the most important “business” of academe: educating students. As public calls for greater accountability skyrocket, this new edition sharpens the focus on student learning and effective quality assessment. Peter Ewell helps higher education boards strike a delicate balance by showing them how to uphold their fiduciary oversight responsibilities without micromanaging institutions.

New to the second edition:

  • All new key statistics and trends
  • Tips for ensuring quality while containing costs
  • Advice on how to get the most from the assessment process
  • Practical “Questions for Boards to Consider” after each section
  • Expanded appendix, including AGB’s "Statement on Board Responsibility for the Oversight of Educational Quality"

"The second edition is even better than the first. Ewell's reference to current national conversations about student learning outcomes and criteria for quality will continue to assist governing boards in making difficult decisions." —Sheila S. Thompson, associate VP, curriculum & academic effectiveness, Metropolitan State University of Denver

"Trustees bear a fiduciary responsibility for oversight of academic quality just as they do for an institution's financial well-being. This book equips trustees to exercise that responsibility...a must read." —David Anderson, president, St. Olaf College; trustee, Higher Learning Commission



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