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Effective Governing Boards: A Guide for Members of Governing Boards of Public Colleges, Universities, and Systems

Hard Copy




This guide provides an overview of the important responsibilities of serving on the board of a public college, university, or system. It is intended to clarify the fiduciary responsibilities for which boards are held accountable.

Effective Governing Boards is designed to meet a new standard of governing board engagement while recognizing the nuances associated with academic trusteeship in an environment that mandates all of higher education to focus on the nation’s education priorities. This guide updates AGB’s list of governing board responsibilities, emphasizing board accountability, academic quality, and board member conduct. It also includes 11 hallmarks of an effective board. It can serve an especially useful purpose in the formal orientation process for new board members and help all board members grasp what is at stake when they commit to serving on an academic governing board.

(Versions for independent and foundation boards also available.)



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