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A Complete Guide to Presidential Search for Universities and Colleges

By Joseph S. Johnston, Jr. and James P. Ferrare

Hard Copy




A Complete Guide to Presidential Search focuses on best practices and is specifically geared toward university and college governing boards and search committee members. It also aims to help sitting presidents and their advisors in transition planning and the search process. Readers who are aspiring presidents will find great insight into how the search process works and exactly what to expect if they apply for or are nominated for a leadership role. Divided into four parts, the book covers:

  • Beginning the transition;
  • Planning the search;
  • Recruiting and evaluating candidates; and
  • Presidential selection and transition.

"This book descibes in depth the detailed process needed to select a new president, including administrative tasks and checklists of critical items.  Its great advice includes important items to consider, including those not usually at the top of the list of things a board is thinking about when a transition happens, especially if it has been a long time since a change has occurred."
—Teresa M. Schafer, Board of Trustees, The University of Scranton

"In the competitive world of presidential searches, the board's preparation and performance are critical to landing great candidates... I found the information to be practical and useful." —Katie Herschede, Executive Asst. to the President and Secretary to Board of Regents, Northern Kentucky University



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