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AGB Consulting

AGB Consulting

AGB Consulting is your source for experts on advancing the work of your board and institution. We provide individualized solutions for board members and campus leaders to respond to governance challenges and crises, and to successfully lead higher education systems, institutions, and affiliated foundations. AGB offers expert counsel and consulting services from experienced higher education leaders, resulting in high-quality and meaningful outcomes by combining tested ideas and cutting-edge practices.

Call us for help with your unique challenges—planned or unexpected.

The AGB Connection

AGB Consulting is an exclusive service available to members of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges. With AGB Consulting, your institution will be able to harness the expertise of AGB’s 90+ years of thought leadership in all areas of governance to address the specific challenges and questions facing your institution.

The AGB Consulting Process

We use a multi-staged approach that strikes a balance between time-tested expertise and innovative practices. From our initial conversation, we work to understand your board’s culture and your institution’s distinct needs and goals. We then match your institution with the expert who can best advance your work. Our consultants are higher education leaders and board members with the support of AGB staff and resources, including AGB publications, research, and programming.

1. Getting to know your board and institution

  • Discuss goals, needs, and timeline
  • Conduct initial core stakeholder conversations

2. Assessing needs

  • Identify and connect with a consulting expert
  • Conduct discovery and expectation-setting conversation
  • Review institutional documents (e.g. bylaws, strategic plan, minutes, etc.)
  • Develop initial work plan, meeting agendas, and schedule

3. Developing a personalized strategy

  • Refine scope of work
  • Plan for implementation

4. Implementing thorough solutions tailored to your institution

  • Provide resources
  • Develop an action plan
  • Plan, as appropriate, campus visits, workshops, coaching, surveys, interviews, or other activities
  • Present reports or findings

5. Ensuring lasting success

  • Plan consultant follow-up
  • Administer satisfaction survey
  • Provide AGB member benefits and services


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