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Embracing a Culture of Evidence

Higher education is awash with requests and demands to provide data that demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency throughout the enterprise, known by some as a "culture of evidence." As...

Legislation that Impacts the Bottom Line

AGB and its Center for Public Trusteeship and Governance is engaged in laws and regulations affecting higher education, citizen trusteeship, and governance.One issue of note is regulation that...

The Importance of a Strategic Board

Just as every institution of higher education is unique, so are the boards that lead them. Still, there are some characteristics of boards more significant than others. Composing and engaging a...

The Role of the Board Professional

University secretaries or board professionals have a huge impact on their institutions, often unknown to others outside of the board office.  A typical day in a board office can involve having a...

What Shape Does Online Learning Take at Your Institution?

Jim Hundrieser is the associate managing principal at AGB Institutional Strategies.The changing competitive landscape presents a challenge for colleges and universities across the country. As a...


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